Missionary Support

Missionary covenants provide dynamic, global relationships

United Methodist missionaries are supported by 38 covenants in Rocky Mountain Conference. A covenant is a dynamic relationship where the church and the missionary pray for each other and communicate regularly. Churches choose a specific missionary to support with funding from $5-per-member-per-year for small churches or $2,500 for large membership churches. There are more than 300 United Methodist missionaries serving in the United States and 60 countries.


What does covenanting mean to the local church? When a church engages in a covenant with a missionary, the congregation begins to look beyond their own church to make a positive difference in the lives of persons whom they may never meet. Every three years, when possible, missionaries visit their supporting churches to inform and update about their ministries.


What does having covenant relationships mean to the Rocky Mountain Conference? Having a global perspective creates an awareness of needs beyond the local community and helps ensure that awareness is addressed in conference programming, education and funding. Additional churches are invited to participate in the support of our United Methodist missionaries. For further information, please email Joanie Calhoun or 303-955-1185. More information about missionaries and giving to The Advance can be found at www.umcmission.org.