2018 Mission u Study Overviews

Spiritual Growth Study:  Embracing Wholeness: An Earth Perspective on Covenantal Living by Jessica Stonecypher - Building on Evy McDonald’s Living as A Covenant Community (2017), Jessica Stonecypher’s Embracing Wholeness explores the ways God has called us to live in covenantal relationship with all of creation and challenges participants to work toward stronger and healthier relationships with creation, their communities, themselves, and God.


Social Issue Study:  What About Our Money? A Faith Response by Susan K. Taylor - What About Our Money? explores the connection between our faith and our money. Participants discover how to live closer to God and God’s people, even in a culture that is so deeply defined by money. From a biblical foundation, Taylor explores the systems in which we make our financial decisions, our understanding of what is available to us, and how we use/consume resources. The course helps participants to examine what belongs to God, how our faith connects to our finances and how we can plan for the future as people of faith.


Geographic Study (Fort Collins only): The Missionary Conferences of the United Methodist Church in the United States: Alaska United Methodist Conference, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, Red Bird Missionary Conference – Offered again for the 2nd year, Missionary Conferences in the U.S. gives an overview of the past and present of these conferences, the contexts out of which they grew, including significant factors of race and class, and considers their future. Through the study participants encounter a variety of people, including Native Americans, a part of our rich cultural, religious & historical heritages.

You are responsible for obtaining your study books. To order the books contact the United Methodist Women Mission Resource Center at  1-800-305-9857 or visit their website.