Are You Called to Lead?

Are you being called to serve the Pikes Peak Sub-District ?

If you have a passion or interest in the following:

  1. Visioning, detailed planning, follow through, evaluation
  2. Listening, offering feedback, supervision, assessment
  3. Interviewing, employment practice, cultivating leadership
  4. Spiritual gift discernment, awareness of lay leadership within your congregation and surrounding churches, recruitment  and placement
  5. Real estate, construction, architecture, property
  6. Real estate, property development, development of new organizations/churches, fundraising, endowment management, banking
  7. Attending Member to Annual Conference

You would be valuable on the following Sub-District Team/Committee:

  1. Sub-District Leadership Team
  2. Sub-District Superintendency Committee
  3. Sub-District Committee on Ordained Ministry
  4. Sub-District Committee on Nominations
  5. Sub-District Committee on Church Location and Building
  6. Sub-District Committee on New Ministries
  7. Sub-District Equalization Member to Annual Conference

Contact us to find out how you can answer the call!