Certified Lay Speakers

Lay Speaking Ministries is now Lay Servant Ministries. 

The change of the lay speaking name signifies the expansion of this lay ministry.  Prior to 1956, Lay Speakers were Lay Exhorters, providing a supply of speakers for absent pastors or fulfilling roles as local preachers where needed.

In 1956, the role of Lay Speaker was created with the primary objective of instructing lay individuals how to speak in church. In 1992, that role was expanded to include leading, caring and communicating. The change in 2012 to Lay Servant Ministries recognizes what lay speaking has become--a lay ministry where one trains and serves in many different capacities, not just preaching.  

At the same time, the Board of Discipleship honored the past by recognizing a continuing need for quality pulpit supply and established another role of lay speaker which takes more training then a lay servant. 

Each sub-district offers Lay Servant Training every year, usually in the spring.  Check the Events tab for information on training classes being offered.