Lay Servant Ministries Course and Multimedia Workshop - Eagle, CO
Friday, April 20, 2018 at 6:00 PM to Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 3:30 PM

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Eagle United Methodist Church
333 Second Street
Eagle, CO 81531

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Louise Carter

A basic lay servant ministries course and a 'Using Multimedia in Worship' workshop will be offered in Eagle, Colorado, on April 20 and 21. Nominal registration fees will apply.

The basic course encourages people to recognize and use their gifts for work in the church, helping each congregation become an outpost for mission and transformation. Individual sessions guide participants through thoughtful reflection on the areas of leading, caring, communicating, and spreading the love of Christ in the world. Thoughtful questions provide excellent opportunities for individual consideration and group discussion. The course will be co-taught by Dr. Susan Yeager and Ellie Young.
A workshop on multimedia will be taught by Jeremy Scott, Vital Congregations Developer for the Mountain Sky Area, to help participants learn how to enhance worship with more effective use of multimedia.

Theme: Introduction to 21st Century Evangelism
Today it is no longer sufficient to simply have better Sunday school or livelier worship than the church down the street. An estimated 30% of all people in Colorado are religiously “none.” Meaning they claim no particular religious preference at all. They are indifferent to our worship, VBS, and book studies, and overcoming indifference takes a different set of tools than most churches are practiced with. We will learn and practice together strategies for overcoming this indifference and meet people in the mission field right outside our front doors.

To register for the workshop, please download this form.
Please direct questions to Louise Carter at 970-328-6598, or Rev. Sid Spain at 970-376-1688.