DiscoveRing with Horses Accelerated Leadership Seminar
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 to Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Happy Dog Ranch
7811 W Titan Rd.
Littleton, CO

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Rev. Blaine Scott

Steadfast Steeds Mustang Sanctuary
Making Amazing Memories with America’s Mustangs
Presents an accelerated leadership corporate seminar
A new arena near you for experiential team building and impactful leadership development

No horse experience necessary
  • Specially designed for non-profit impact organization employees to experience accelerated learning in the arenas of team building, leadership, fatigue resiliency, and relationship development.
  • Provide your teams with an engaging, fun, and interactive process of increasing self-awareness and team member connections through safe horse-human interactions. While interacting with horses, individuals are able to identify and shift their limiting behaviors & group patterns that prohibit them from gaining traction toward their common vision, work satisfaction, personal resilience, and ministry purposes.
  • Why Horses? They are as brilliant in their bodies as we are in our brains. They bring an instant, non-judgmental, feedback mechanism for humans. During the encounter of noticing the horse’s responses to the participant’s directions, each individual discovers how to manage their reactions, communicate more effectively, and become more congruent and authentic with their actions. A remarkable boost of confidence is obtained from connecting with and directing a nine-hundred-pound animal while standing on the ground. Both, the humans and the horses, have voice and choice as to how they participate.
  • Participants experience how to increase their effectiveness for leading others, strengthen confidence, improve communications, conserve your energy, deepen self and group awareness.
  • Equine experiences may include – individual and group ground work near the horse, reflective grooming, or horse painting.
  • Seminar Group: 6 - 10 participants. (more people = less cost each)
  • Dates: 3 options. 1st to reserve = 1st choice of datesApril 26, 27, or 28
  • Session Hours: 10:00–4:00 day 1, 9:30-11:30 day two @ your workplace
    Location: Session 1 - Happy Dog Ranch, 7811 W Titan Rd., Littleton, CO - Indoor workshop and arena space. Session 2 – your workplace (2 hours)
  • More information/register: Contact Rev. Blaine Scott @ 970-216-4433, or Email
  • Seminar Fee: $1,700. Includes bottled water, snacks, horses and local
    site, two seminar leaders, handout tools, and content.
  • Lunch: Either bring your own lunch, or have it catered for a noon delivery.
"The DiscoveRing experience caused me to be aware of how my body’s energy and non-verbal communications can really affect and shape my interactions with others" Megan, FUM Church

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