The Creative Worship Workshop
Saturday, April 29, 2017

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First UMC
108 E 18th St
Cheyenne, WY 82001

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Jenita Rhodes

4/29/2017 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


We live in a culture obsessed with screens. From the smartphones and tablet devices we carry everywhere we go, to the large screens in our living rooms; the world around us has shifted to a communication form that the church is still struggling to fully understand. Regardless of worship style, it’s imperative that the church learn to embrace and master the use of image and creativity in the way we communicate the gospel in worship. 
Spend the day with creative worship specialist, author and worship coach Jason Moore in an event designed for churches of all sizes, budgets and means. Whether your church has screens in worship, you are thinking about it, or have decided against them, this seminar has something for you.
Best experienced as a team, The Creative Worship Conference is filled with ideas that any church can implement. Learn time-tested methodologies that transcend the traditional vs. contemporary wars and that will result in a more connected worship experience. Laugh, be inspired and walk away with clearly defined next steps. Deep, meaningful, transformative worship is within your grasp.
Session 1:
In the church, we may have new media, but we have old mindsets. We are stuck in a world of text. Discovering the power and potential of story and metaphor, will move us toward a more effective form of communication for our present culture. 
In this session, learn how to engage our culture through metaphor, story, experience, and participation.  
Session 2:
Creating powerful images for worship is not just for professionals in large churches. Just like there are rules for communicating with text, there are also rules for visual media. Learn the basics for thinking in, and making powerful images.
In this session, you will learn 7 time-tested principles for design and more.
Session 3:
Many have attempted to design worship with a team of people only to discover that it is difficult to form a team that actually works. Any number of obstacles often befall teams of sincere, hard-working people. Is it possible to design worship with a team that takes flight?
In this session, learn who should be on your team, and how to collaborate with them through an intentional process.  
Session 4:
The essential need-to-know info to establish, connect, and expand creative worship and ministry in our digital culture, including next steps, resources tech info, copyright, and more.
In this session, learn how to keep the bar high once raised and what technology is needed to create what you dream.
About the Presenter:
An award winning digital artist, Jason is passionate about creating worship that speaks to the visual world we live in. 
Known for his pioneering work in worship media, he has devoted nearly two decades to developing professional, highly emotive graphics, animation and video that are being emulated in churches throughout the country.
Jason loves designing worship, production, acting and teaching. He leads seminars across North America on creating vibrant worship, with an emphasis on demystifying the process. Believing in the power of the story, he likes to pepper his projects and teaching with humor.
His books, co-authored with Len Wilson, are Digital Storytellers: The Art of Communicating the Gospel in Worship (Abingdon Press, 2002), Design Matters: Creating Powerful Imagery for Worship (Abingdon Press 2006), Taking Fight With Creativity: Worship Design Teams that Work (Abingdon Press, 2009). Jason has completed projects for such organizations as The Fuller Institute, numerous United Methodist annual conferences and Abingdon Press. He has also been involved in Hollywood productions and has done numerous productions for Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he has designed worship alongside such leaders as Adam Hamilton, Brian McLaren, Alan Hirsch, Michael Slaughter, Tony Campolo and Len Sweet.
Jason began his ministry as animator/illustrator and member of the worship design team at Ginghamsburg Church from 1997-2000. There he brought a fresh approach to the use of digital media that raised the bar for artistic standards in worship.
In addition, Jason has been featured in several articles for publications including The Ooze, Homiletics, Next Wave, Rev., Technologies for Worship, Wired, Worship Matters, Your Church, Church and Worship Technology, Worship Leader Magazine and various newspapers around North America.
Follow Jason on twitter at @midnightoilprod 
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