Ethical Education

2012-2016 Quadrennium Workshops / Training Opportunities

The schedule for EETF workshops offered in the 2012-2016 quadrennium is in this document: 2016 EETF Workshop Schedule (PDF)

If you see a workshop you would like to attend, please take the following actions:

  1. Get in touch with the “Contact” person listed at the Host Site to register and learn about any logistical particularities for that workshop.
  2. Download the following files, and read through them well ahead of time to be prepared on the day of the workshop.  It is ESSENTIAL that you have these documents with you for the workshop. In contrast to last quadrennium’s approach, there will be NO pre-printed binders of materials provided for you. You are responsible for bringing these materials with you; the workshop facilitators and Host Church sites will not provide you with copies of the materials.
  3. Attend with the intentions of sharing, learning, listening, and having a good time doing so!

CLERGY ONLY: Please go to this link:, select “GET STARTED” in the upper right corner of the panel that opens, and complete the application. If you are a District Superintendent or on another form of Extension Ministry appointment, please select “Greenwood Village” at the City prompt, skip the District, and select “Rocky Mountain Conference” at the Church prompt. When you have completed the Ethical Education workshop, the Safe Gatherings administrator will update your application with that information, and you’ll be notified of your application’s completion. This will serve as your documentation of having met the Annual Conference requirements for quadrennial Ethical Education training. If you encounter problems, please email Steve Easterday-McPadden.

Hosting and Facilitating

If your church or ministry setting would like to host and/or serve as a facilitator for a workshop, please do the following:

  1. Read this document to familiarize yourself with the details of providing this necessary and appreciated service to the Conference: Host Site Letter and Facilitator Instructions
  2. Email Candace Gordon to set a preliminary date, receive the necessary workshop DVD, and coordinate with your District Superintendent and District Office re: communicating this event in your District.

Facilitator Documents

If you are interested in being a facilitator of an EETF workshop, please download these files and email Candace Gordon to discuss the process.

    01 Detailed Table of Contents for Ethical Education Training

    02 Participant Registration Form

    03 Certificate of Completion

    04 Evaluation Form

Conference Safe Sanctuary Policy and Documentation

   Title Page and Overview for Rocky Mountain Conference Safe Sanctuary Policy

   Rocky Mountain Conference Safe Sanctuary Policy

   Rocky Mountain Conference Safe Sanctuary Policy - Legal Issues

   Safe Sanctuary Policy Sample Forms

   Safe Sanctuary Policy Supporting Documents

   Model of Local Church Safe Sanctuary Policy including Safe Practices

   Survey of State Child Protection Laws