Communication Guidelines

The Conference Communications Office strives to inform and connect clergy and laity to the missions, ministries, news, and events of the Rocky Mountain Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The goals of our website are:

  • To serve as the informational hub for the Rocky Mountain Conference and being the first source for news and updates from the Conference and The United Methodist Church.
  • To provide local church leaders with mission opportunities and connect the Rocky Mountain Conference with resources that engages its work in discipleship.
  • To be a repository for forms, downloads, grant applications, registration sign-ups, donations, archives, and the Annual Conference Journal.
  • To be an intuitive, functional and streamlined website that users can access at any time for their informational needs.


The Rocky Mountain Conference distributes the following communications: The weekly RMC News sent every Tuesday, the monthly Mission & Ministry newsletter sent at the end of the month, letters and blog posts from Bishop Karen Oliveto, and urgent news as needed.  Additionally, there will be email updates sent during the Annual Conference Session in June.

The weekly RMC News will be a snapshot and short digest of the connectional ministry of The United Methodist Church. The newsletter will feature news stories from the Rocky Mountain Conference, the Mountain Sky Area or The United Methodist Church with links to refer back to the respective websites for more information.

We welcome the submission of news and requests (job openings, ministry materials) that benefit the local church and serve the mission of our larger connection. Any events included in the newsletter should highlight the connectional ministry of the conference or local church. Any fundraising events should be for United Methodist missions or community giving. Publication of events or job postings by outside groups shall be at the discretion of the Director of Communications. Content from outside groups shall be ecumenical or community-based.

To submit stories for the weekly RMC News, use the online form on the News page. To submit classified ads, use the online form on the Classifieds page. To submit events, use the online form on the Calendar. The deadline to submit items for the conference newsletter is by noon the Friday prior to publication. Space limitations and other considerations may prevent your material from being published immediately. We also reserve the right to edit copy. Please ensure photos and artwork are high-quality and of sufficient resolution.

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The goals of our social media presence are:

  • To increase awareness of the Rocky Mountain Conference of The United Methodist Church and its work on mission and connectional ministry.
  • To increase awareness of The United Methodist Church as a whole and its work on  global mission and ministry.
  • To keep clergy and laity updated on news and events in the Rocky Mountain Conference.
  • To share information and resources from United Methodist Church boards and agencies.
  • To be an extension of the Rocky Mountain Conference website and weekly newsletter.

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Comment Policy:

We welcome comments on many of the posts on this site. To encourage respectful dialogue, we’ve posted these simple guidelines below.

  • Stay on topic.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be truthful.
  • No spam.

We retain the discretion to determine which comments violate our comment policy. We also reserve the right to remove those violations and to block aggressive users.

Dialogue and disagreement are welcome but off topic remarks, and/or abusive language against individuals are not welcome.

Communications resources:

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If you have communications questions not answered on this page, please contact Charmaine Robledo, Director of Communications of the Mountain Sky Area of The United Methodist Church: | 303-325-7054