Disaster Preparedness and Response

United Methodist churches understand, in a foundational way, that our mission is to be the transformation the world needs. Our calling leads us to enter into disaster preparedness and response as followers of Christ who earnestly seek to live our faith in ways that can transform communities and the lives of those who are our neighbors. We must continually strive to become better than we are. That’s done by building competent local strength; by attracting, training and managing our volunteers better; by preparing our families, churches and communities to be better prepared for disaster; by being true to our collective mission.

Your Involvement in Disaster Preparedness and Response

There are many ways that you and your church can be involved in this dynamic ministry. This web page was designed to allow you to access information on all things disaster related.  From basic information on disasters and UMCOR to training calendars, downloads of forms as well as detailed overviews of the disaster preparedness and response programs that are offered through the Rocky Mountain Conference.  These programs include:

  • Connecting Neighbors – This is a disaster preparedness program focused on the church, helping individual congregants and your church make plans so that they and their community are ready for the next disaster.
  • Early Response Teams (ERT) – ERT’s fill a specific need in the early days after a disaster to clean out flood-damaged homes, place tarps on homes, and otherwise help to prevent further damage, while providing a caring Christian presence. 
  • Disaster Spiritual Care (DSC) – This program is designed to meet the need for trained and credentialed persons to provide spiritual care services to survivors of disasters. 
  • Long Term Recovery – After a disaster strikes, the recovery process is usually much longer than all parties realize.  The United Methodist Church and UMCOR can provide expertise and resources to help a community during this process.           

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Photo courtesy NASA

 Photo courtesy NASA


As Texas and Louisiana continue to feel the impact from Hurricane Harvey, please keep praying for those in the path of the storm. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is ready to assist with recovery efforts, but they need our help.

The following message is from Amy Fuselier, Director of UMCOR Relief Supplies:

As we here at UMCOR prepare to provide assistance to those who need it most, I also ask for support of our efforts in building our inventory of relief supplies. At this time, we are in need of hygiene kits and cleaning buckets. With many potentially suffering damage to their homes from flood waters, our greatest need is cleaning buckets. If there are opportunities for assistance, please encourage participation in this ministry. Kits can be sent directly to Sager Brown, Depot West or delivered to an affiliate warehouse nearest you. Thank you all for your support.

The Rev. Gary Haddock, Mountain Sky Area Disaster Response Coordinator, also said churches can start collecting money and supplies for UMCOR so they can provide help as needed. He is already checking into Early Response Teams (ERT) to send as well as offering tool trailers. Haddock said United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) teams can start getting ready to help with recovery in a few months. And finally, prayers are always needed.

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