NEW! Charge Conference Forms (updated Nov. 18, 2015)

The following is a list of forms currently available for 2015 Charge Conferences. These forms may be used in all Rocky Mountain Conference Districts/Sub-Districts. Updated forms are in bold.

  • Approval of Candidates for Ordained Ministry

1. Declaration of Candidacy

2. Continuing of Candidacy

  • Report of the Pastor (Elders & Local Pastors)

1. Report

2. Continuing Formation (DOC)

3. Disaster Preparedness Contact Form

  • Clergy Reports

1. Report of Diaconal Ministers and Deacons

2. Clergy in Extension Ministries

3. Retired Clergy, Incapacity Clergy, Family Leave Clergy, Leave of Absence Clergy, Honorable Location Clergy and Retired Clergy Residing Outside the Bounds of the Conference


  • Optional forms:
  1. Accessibility Audit (PDF)

  2. Finance Committee Report (DOC)

  3. GCFA Insurance Worksheet (PDF)


These forms may be submitted in various ways, after downloading:

1. Print the form, fill in by hand, mail to address on the form. (This is the only choice with PDF files.)**

2. A word processor can be used to fill in the DOC type form, save as DOC file, send as e-mail attachment to your District Office.

3. MS Excel can be used to fill in the fields of the XLS type form, save as XLS file, send as e-mail attachment to your District Office and perhaps to the Conference Treasurer.*

*Some forms are available as XLS files:

A "Viewer" for MS Excel .xls files is available HERE

**Some forms are available as PDF files:

If your system does not have a recent version of a PDF Reader, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is available HERE.


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