Limited Itinerancy Form (DOC or PDF)

Advanced Degree Work Application (DOC)

Annual Report Forms for Elders, Provisional Elders, and Deacons (Here)

Background Check Authorization (PDF)

Candidacy Checklist (DOC)

Candidacy - Pastor Recommendation Discernment Form (DOC)

Candidate Questionnaire (DOC)

Continuation of Candidacy (DOC)

Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)

Clergy Appointment Information for those interested in transferring into the Rocky Mountain Conference (Here)

Clergy Continuing Formation Annual Report (DOC or PDF)

Clergy Continuing Formation Forms (Here)

2016 Clergy Compensation Form (Here) NEW!

Effectiveness Strategy Forms (Here)

Equitable Compensation Form (Here)

Form for Physical (form 103) (PDF)

Group Request for Ministerial Education Fund Grant (DOC or PDF)

Ministerial Education Fund Application (DOC)

Pastor Profile (DOC or PDF)

Revised Continuing Formation Manual 2011 (DOC or PDF)

Service Scholarship Qualifications and Application (DOC)


Extension Ministry, Categories A 1 2 3, B, C

Extension Ministry Form (DOC)

Conference Relationship (DOC)

Extension Ministry, Category D

Extension Ministry Form (DOC)

Conference Relationship (DOC)

Category D Form (DOC)

Appointment in Paragraph 346.1

Paragraph 346.1 Form (DOC)

Conference Relationship (DOC)

Appointed to Attend School (DOC)

Appointment as a Deacon

Deacon Form (PDF)

Incapacity Leave


Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence (LOA) Form (DOC)

Conference Relationship (DOC)

Honorable Location

Honorable Location (DOC)


For more information, contact Rev. Sione Tukutau, District Superintendent for Utah/Westerm Colorado, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 801-363-3882.

1. Read all instructions! Following instructions is a part of the process.

2. Download and complete the Ministerial Profile (DOC) (PDF).

3. Locate or write the documents required to be submitted with the Profile:

  • Cover letter explaining in detail your reason for wanting to come to the Rocky Mountain Conference and any limitations you might have in appointment locations
  • Detailed Resume
  • Integrative Theological Statement (one page)
  • Sermon manuscript for elders; Bible study or other specialty presentation for deacons
  • A description of your style of leadership (one page)
  • A description of your particular area of specialty or service
  • Three reference forms (these forms are the only ones to be mailed via USPS) (PDF) (RTF) NEW!
  • You may use whichever word processor you're comfortable using, but save the documents in Rich Text Format before attaching to e-mail. Documents must be submitted in Rich Text Format.


Cover Letter

Clergy Evaluation Form (Cover Letter - PDF) (Form - PDF)

Clergy Self-Evaluation Form (XLS)

Definition of Terms(in above 2 forms)

Congregational Evaluation Form (DOC)

Evaluation Tool (PDF)


Certification in The United Methodist Church

Certified Communicator


Toward Elder

Toward Deacon

Charge Conference

Health Benefits



Required forms to be filled out to bring new clergy on church payroll:

Information on W2s and Clergy Housing Allowance for Active Clergy:

Information on Clergy Housing Allowance for Retired Clergy:

Rental Housing/Allowance Statement in Petition

Information on Accountable Reimbursements:

  • Accountable Reimbursement (PDF)
  • Q&A/Allowable Items (PDF)

Information on Clergy Moving:

Ministerial Education Funds Application (DOC)

Charge Conference


Fund Balance Report (PDF) (XLS)
Group Ruling for Tax Exemption (PDF)
Records Retention Schedule (PDF)
Travel and Meeting Expense Guidelines (PDF)
Check Request Form (PDF) (Excel)
Unrelated Business Income (PDF)
Benevolence Fund Policy (PDF)


Background Check Information and Form (PDF)
Equitable Compensation Form (PDF)

NEW! Charge Conference Forms (updated Sept. 4, 2015)

The following is a list of forms currently available for 2015 Charge Conferences. These forms may be used in all Rocky Mountain Conference Districts/Sub-Districts. Updated forms are in bold.

  • Approval of Candidates for Ordained Ministry

1. Declaration of Candidacy

2. Continuing of Candidacy

  • Report of the Pastor (Elders & Local Pastors)

1. Report

2. Continuing Formation (DOC)

3. Disaster Preparedness Contact Form

  • Clergy Reports

1. Report of Diaconal Ministers and Deacons

2. Clergy in Extension Ministries

3. Retired Clergy, Incapacity Clergy, Family Leave Clergy, Leave of Absence Clergy, Honorable Location Clergy and Retired Clergy Residing Outside the Bounds of the Conference


  • Optional forms:
  1. Accessibility Audit (PDF)

  2. Finance Committee Report (DOC)

  3. GCFA Insurance Worksheet (PDF)


These forms may be submitted in various ways, after downloading:

1. Print the form, fill in by hand, mail to address on the form. (This is the only choice with PDF files.)**

2. A word processor can be used to fill in the DOC type form, save as DOC file, send as e-mail attachment to your District Office.

3. MS Excel can be used to fill in the fields of the XLS type form, save as XLS file, send as e-mail attachment to your District Office and perhaps to the Conference Treasurer.*

*Some forms are available as XLS files:

A "Viewer" for MS Excel .xls files is available HERE

**Some forms are available as PDF files:

If your system does not have a recent version of a PDF Reader, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is available HERE.


SPRC Forms