Mission Shaped Future

From Bishop Elaine Stanovsky:

Leaders of the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain Conferences have been in conversation for many years about how, together, we might be able to strengthen the presence of Wesleyan Christianity in our area. Both Annual Conferences received the report of the Shared Futures Committee in June 2015. Following the committee’s recommendation, I have named two “Mission-Shaped Future” groups to lead the next chapter of this on-going conversation (rosters attached).

  • Mission-Shaped Future – ONE (MSF-1) will develop a proposal to form a new annual conference comprising the whole territory of the Mountain Sky Area, both the present Yellowstone and the present Rocky Mountain Conferences. We anticipate this proposal coming for a vote at both annual conference sessions and the Western Jurisdictional Conference in 2016.
  • Mission-Shaped Future – TWO (MSF-2) will lead a process of envisioning what a new season of Vital Wesleyan ministry in the Mountain Sky Area might look like. It will answer questions like, how do we best use our resources (people, buildings, congregations and funds) to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? The work of this group will take longer and be on-going. It will work to envision what ministry will look like that is not necessarily rooted in what we have known as “congregations.” 

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From the co-chairs of the Mission Shaped Future Groups: J&J Updates

Mission Shaped Future Discernment Listening Sessions

Future Discernment Listening Sessions were held throughout the Mountain Sky Area during April and May for people to gather and consider the creation of a new annual conference with the coming together of the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Conferences.  District Superintendents and members of the Mission Shaped Future Team were present at each event to lead the discussions.

The Mission Shaped Future Petition: We seek approval from the Western Jurisdictional Conference of the United Methodist Church to realign the boundaries of the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain Annual Conferences to form one, new annual conference, following, and contingent upon, the full discernment and agreement of the two participating conferences. Click here for the petition approved by the Western Jurisdiction delegates.

The finalized petition will go to the June sessions of the Rocky Mountain Conference (June 9-12) and Yellowstone Conference (June 16-18) and to the Western Jurisdictional Conference (July 13-16).

The Mission Shaped Future Groups:

Group One: Janet Forbes (Chair), Phillip Cardin, Kristi Kinnison, Betty Nguyen, Mark Sanmon, Debbie Schmidt, Laura Rainwater, Reuben Wilber, Ruth Wills

Group Two: Jeremy Scott (Chair), Sarah Beck, Victoria Casarrubias, Chris Frasier, Jerry Krause, Janna Lauver, Jasper Peters, Stephanie Price

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky

Staff: Youngsook Kang (RMC) and David Burt (YAC)

Consultant: Gil Rendle

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