Legacy Fund

Purpose of the Legacy Fund Standing Committee:

“The intent of the Legacy Fund is to provide critical funding for projects and encourage ministries that will make a difference and enhance vital congregations through new professions of faith, increased worship attendance, enhanced small group development, or active outreach in mission to the local community and world. High impact, innovative, and creative ministries are encouraged. Measurable results are expected in a timely manner.” —from the Legacy Fund Standing Committee General Guidelines.

The Legacy Fund is administered by the RMC Trustees guided by recommendations from the Legacy Fund Standing Committee (LFSC) for the distribution of grants acquired from the disposition of discontinued or abandoned local church properties and assets as designated by the Trustees for the above stated purpose. The Legacy Fund Standing Committee receives grant applications from new and existing churches or, in some circumstances, other groups or committees within the Rocky Mountain Conference, and makes recommendations to the Trustees based on the Committee’s evaluation of the application’s merits.

The deadline to apply is March 15 and September 15 annually.  No grants will be approved until after the closing of the window. The Legacy Fund Standing Committee will meet after the Grant Window closes to vote, with trustees reviewing the recommendations following that in order to approve. The grants will be announced in May or November (as appropriate), with funds to be dispersed in July or January (as appropriate).

Questions may be directed to Rev. Dr. C. Dennis Shaw, the LFSC convener (w/o vote), at RevDennisShaw@gmail.com.

Click to download the Legacy Fund Grant Application